Toronto’s Commercial Electrical Contractors, Commercial Electricians in Toronto GTA Ontario.

Your Greater Toronto Area’s Commercial Electricians & Commercial Electrical Contractors.

Trusted Commercial Electrical Contractors & Electricians

Commercial Electricians, Commercial Electrical Contractors in Toronto GTA Ontario

At Commodore group we provides commercial electrical services in the greater Toronto area of Ontario, We service the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. We offer a range of electrical contractor services Toronto area Ontario. Our electrical service ensures customer satisfaction in all time, we are precise, professional and on time and budget, we also provide maintenance & emergency electrical services for Toronto Area, our licensed ELECTRICIANS, master electricians and project managers, ensures smooth operation and completion of any electrical project, no matter what’s size is your electrical project is, we make sure it completed on budget on time & customer satisfaction is always guaranteed. We have dedicated and trained master electricians and electrician that’s can complete any electrical project, service call or emergency electrical service, whether its residential, commercial or industrial.

Toronto's Commercial Electrical Contractors, Commercial Electricians in Toronto GTA Ontario.

Commercial Electricians for Electrical Services

Commercial Electricians, Commercial Electrical Contractors in Toronto GTA Ontario.

We are licensed, insured & Certified Electricians, Master Electricians, Electrical Contractors, Emergency Commercial Electrician, Emergency Commercial Electrical Contractors in the Greater Toronto GTA Ontario.

Reliable Commercial Electrical Contractors & Electricians

At commodore group We provide you with a complete commercial electrical contractor service, commercial electrician service for any commercial, industrial or institutional building, store, project or service call, we handle your inquiry with high priority, ensuring your electrical project completes on time, on budget and no surprises in our work. our commercial electrical contractor, commercial electrician  service we offer for office renovation, condo building , mechanical rooms, we provide electrical contractor services for wiring apartments, office renovation, dental clinics, supermarkets wiring and restaurants wiring in Toronto ON , our commercial electrical contractor services includes lighting, electrical service panels new or upgrades, data centres , backup generator service, check our commercial electrical contractor, commercial electrician services below.

  • Retail & Restaurant Renovations
  • New construction / Tenders welcomed
  • Experts at Design / Build Work
  • Office Renovations (large & small)
  • Office & Warehouse Projects
  • Lighting Installations
  • Energy Saving Consultation
  • Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrades
  • Panel Upgrades
  • Indoor/ Outdoor Electric Wiring
  • Backup Generators, Ballast Lamp Replacing
  • Data & Communication Lines, Cat 5 Cabling
  • Transformer Installations
  • Hid Lighting & Control
  • 1 Phase/3 Phase Circuits
  • Isolated Computer Circuits
  • Electric Safety Inspections
  • Fire Alarms, Isolated Computer Circuits
High Rise Condominium Commercial Electrical Contractors

High Rise Condominium Commercial Electrical Contractors

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We Are Certified Electricians, Master Electricians, Electrical Contractors Servicing Residential Commercial and Industrial Areas. We Will Provide You with A Free Estimate for Any Electrical Work in GTA Ontario.

Commercial Electricians for any Electrical Service

Electricity is a vital part of any business , it will power your  business office , warehouse,  industrial plant or communication devices, allowing you to conduct your business , gaining more clients , any disruption in the electricity  will lead to business disruption, lose of revenue or sometimes  lose of customers, At Commodore Group Electrical services , we understand the importance of working quickly to ensure your electrical system is working perfectly , maintained with minimal disruption to your workflow.

We are Reliable & Trusted Commercial Electricians

You can trust our skilled and licensed electricians, master electricians to provide you with best electrical repair and installation services. Since 2016, Commodore Group Electrical services has served clients in many industries, such as healthcare facilities, restaurants, stores, food service, banks and financial institutions, office buildings and small businesses, shopping malls and retail stores, manufacturing and industrial facilities, as well as government buildings. Regardless of whether you need a small project, or more complex one or major panel upgrades, you can rely on our experienced electricians. Our master electricians in Toronto Area will provide you with best electrical service at reasonable fees.

24-hour Emergency Commercial Electrical Contractors & Electricians in Toronto GTA Ontario

24/7 Emergency Commercial Electricians

24-hour Emergency Commercial Electrical Contractors & Electricians in Toronto GTA Ontario

We Are Certified Electricians, Master Electricians, Electrical Contractors Emergency Commercial Electrician, Emergency Commercial Electrical Contractor in Toronto GTA Ontario.

FAQs: Hiring Best Commercial Electricians

Regardless of whether you hire the electrician on the spot or decide to entertain more quotes, there are a few questions you should ask to make sure that you and the electrician are on the same page about the work.

Any electrician who performs work on your house should be licensed. Depending on the scope of the job, work performed by an unlicensed electrician may not meet code or city inspection requirements.

Although the specifics can vary slightly from city to city, licensed Commercial electricians hold either a Journeyman license or a Master Electrician license. The only difference between the two is the years of experience. An electrical contracting company must hold an Electrical Contractor license.

Small jobs, like replacing outlets or updating light fixtures, typically don’t require a permit or inspection. Whole-house rewiring, standby generator installation, panel change-outs, and other large jobs, however, usually do need a permit and a visit from a city inspector.

If your job is complex enough to require a permit, the Commercial electrical contractor you hire should handle the permitting and inspection process.

The majority of your Commercial’s electrical system is hidden behind walls and ceilings. Depending on the work, your electrician may need to cut access holes in the drywall. Make sure that you know exactly how much of this type of work the electrician will need to do and how (or whether) it will be repaired.

Commercial Electricians usually aren’t drywall experts, so you will probably need to arrange for drywall repair separately from the electrical work. These details should be included in the contract for the job.

When it comes to electrical work, experience matters. A reputable Commercial electrician will be honest if a job is too complex or too far outside their typical scope of work.

In some cases, especially if the wiring or main electrical panel in your Property is older, the only way to truly fix an electrical problem involves extensive rewiring. If you’re not prepared for that type of work and there aren’t any immediate safety concerns, your electrician will likely be able to design a less invasive (but temporary) fix.

Don’t let the long-term solution fall from your list of priorities, however. New wiring or a higher-amp electrical panel might not be as fun and exciting as a kitchen or bathroom renovation, but they’re always an excellent investment in your home (and your safety).

For most electrical work to be done safely, the power needs to be turned off to either the entire house or to the room where the work is being done. Ask your Commercial electrician what your job requires so that you can prepare accordingly.

Most Commercial electrical contractors guarantee their labour and honour manufacturer warranties on fixtures or devices you purchase from them for the job they perform in your property. This information should be available in writing so you can reference it in the future if necessary.

Periodic safety inspections are very important to ensure that everything electrical in your Commercial property (including smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide detectors) is working correctly. If your job is involved enough, your electrician may do everything normally included in an electrical safety inspection as part of the job. If not, however, don’t be afraid to ask. There may be a nominal extra charge, but your safety is priceless.

Commercial electricians install, maintain, inspect and repair electrical systems in commercial buildings. … Installing wiring and electrical components, like switches and lights. Maintaining electrical systems. Inspecting electrical systems to be sure they work, are safe and are up to code.

As their name implies, residential electricians work in homes. … Commercial electricians work in stores and offices, usually installing power outlets and lighting. Their wiring typically follows a three-phase approach, with two smaller “legs” running one voltage and a larger “leg” running a higher voltage.

The qualifications and experience needed to provide commercial electrical services mean that the electrician will be competent in undertaking any domestic tasks.