Unilux 4-Pipe Vertical Fan Coil Unit DSC

Unilux 4-Pipe Vertical Fan Coil Unit DSC: The Ultimate HVAC Solution for Your Residences | Unilux,, Choose the Best HVAC System for Your Residences with Unilux VFC



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Unilux 4-Pipe Vertical Fan Coil Unit DSC: The Ultimate Solution for Your HVAC Needs

Looking for a flexible and efficient HVAC system that can provide year-round heating and cooling to residents? Look no further than Unilux 4-Pipe Vertical Fan Coil Unit DSC. With UL 1995 / CSA22.2 #236 – Issue 2011 Standard for safety heating and cooling equipment, you can trust our VFC to meet the highest standards of safety and performance. Here are some of the unique benefits and features that make Unilux VFC the perfect solution for your development:

The Best HVAC Solution for High-Rise Residences

Our 4-pipe vertical fan coil unit offers hot and cold-water connections that allow residents to control their temperature with no limitations. The compact design and quiet technology make it perfect for high-rise residences with limited space. Unilux VFC is the ultimate solution for year-round heating and cooling that residents will love.

Customizable Configuration Options

At Unilux, we understand that every project is unique. That’s why we offer different fan options for large or small spaces and can improve ventilation with an HRV/ERV option. Our HVAC vertical fan coils are easy to install and setup with expanded riser ends, piping branches with 2-way valves and a motorized electrical on/off switch. Plus, with our customizable cabinet materials, cabinet heights, riser options, and insulation choices, you can create the best solution for your development.

Advanced Features for Optimal Performance

Unilux 4-Pipe Vertical Fan Coil Unit DSC is packed with advanced features that ensure optimal performance and maximum comfort for residents. Our micro-processor based controller controls all operations, including wall-mount thermostat with 7-day, 4-time bucket programming; 3-speed fan control; temperature setting and time, date and humidity display. Upgrade to our Wi-Fi option to allow residents to control their HVAC system from anywhere with our Universe application – available for iOS & Android smartphones. We also factory install water prevention sensors to prevent flooding and ensure safety for residents.

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