Skymark & Skypak Heating-Cooling Packaged Unit Replacement for Condominium Buildings

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Skymark & Skypak Heating-Cooling Packaged Unit Replacement for Condominium Buildings

Get year-round comfort with skymark & skypak Self-Contained Heating-Cooling Packaged Unit. Experience easy installation, maximum comfort, and best in class performance for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Upgrade your condo HVAC system with Skymark & Skypak Heating-Cooling Packaged Unit from Commodore Group. Get maximum comfort and best in class heating and cooling performance. Find retrofit solutions for obsolete systems

Maximum Comfort for Year-Round Usage:

TheSkymark & Skypak Heating-Cooling Packaged Unit is designed to provide maximum comfort throughout the year. With quiet and efficient ECM motors, modulating gas output over 95% AFUE and R410a refrigerant, it ensures that the user is comfortable and cozy all year round. The unit provides cooling capacities available in 1, 1-1/2, 2, 2-1/2, and 3 tons R-410A refrigerant, and heating available in natural gas (direct vent), electric, hydronic, or propane. The gas heating units are power-vented through a wall sleeve, eliminating the need for a chimney, and the unit applications allow for independent metering and temperature control. Experience maximum comfort with Skymark & Skypak Heating-Cooling Packaged Unit.

Convenient and Cost-Effective Solution:

The Skymark & Skypak Heating-Cooling Packaged Unit provides a complete air-conditioning and heating system in a single, convenient package. It is designed for conventional through-the-wall installation in residential low- and high-rise, industrial, and commercial applications. The all-indoor design eliminates the need for any unsightly exterior equipment, and refrigerant line connections, while maintaining architectural aesthetics, protecting the unit from weathering and vandalism. The unit provides reduced labor costs in installation and enhanced consumer convenience and comfort. It is a cost-effective solution for overall comfort and year-round usage.

Skymark & Skypak Packaged Unit are Best in Class Heating and Cooling Performance

Skymark & Skypak Heating-Cooling Packaged Unit is growing in popularity within their respective vertical markets due to its best in class heating and cooling performance. It is designed with all models utilizing a high-efficiency rotary or scroll type compressor, each refrigeration circuit thoroughly evacuated and fully charged with R-410A refrigerant prior to shipment. The evaporator and condenser coils are constructed of internally enhanced copper tubes mechanically bonded to enhanced aluminum plate fins. The gas-fired heat exchanger is of a tubular aluminized steel design providing 80.3% AFUE, and the burner section is of the in-shot design, with hot surface ignition. The unit provides furnace controls, including a high-limit switch, flame-roll-out sensor, ignition sensor, ventor motor safety switch, and an indoor blower control module. Experience best in class heating and cooling performance with R-Skypak Self-Contained Heating/Cooling Packaged Unit.

Our Condominium HVAC Services in GTA Ontraio

At Commodore Group a condominium HVAC service company , we understand how crucial it is to keep your heating and cooling systems up to date, especially if you live in a condo in Toronto. We offer a range of solutions to upgrade and replace old, obsolete systems, such as the Skymark and Skypak electric and gas models that have been discontinued by Johnson Control. our services include retrofit, repair, maintenance, and refurbishment services.

Retrofit Solutions for Obsolete Skymark & Skypak Heating-Cooling Packaged Unit Systems

If your Skymark system starts with SGAC, SGAD, SEAG, RGAD, READ, SGAE & SEAE model numbers, you may have noticed that these systems are no longer produced. However, our R-Skypak system is designed to replace these obsolete systems. Our retrofit solutions are a cost-effective way to upgrade your old system without having to replace the entire unit. Our suppliers require at least 6 to 8 weeks to build a retrofit option for this unit, and we recommend booking an appointment today to start the process.

We will Arrange for a Site Inspection:

To ensure that your retrofit proposal is tailored to your needs and requirements, our Commodore Group a condominium HVAC service company technician will need to visit your home to fully inspect the existing condition of your system. This process will help us determine the best retrofit solution for you, and any potential challenges or issues that may arise.

Complete Installation, Repair & Maintenance Services Backed by Solid Warranty in GTA Ontario.

At Commodore Group a condominium HVAC service company, we offer complete repair and maintenance services for Skymark & Skypak and Johnson control systems. We understand that dealing with an old, inefficient system can be frustrating and costly. That’s why we recommend getting in touch with us for more information on how we can help you maintain and repair your existing system. Our team of experts has years of experience and knowledge to identify any issues with your system and offer practical and effective solutions.

Condo Skymark & Skypak Heating-Cooling Packaged Unit HVAC Services

We understand that replacing an entire HVAC unit can be costly, and sometimes not necessary. That’s why we offer a complete refurbishment solution for existing obsolete HVAC systems. Our process starts with replacing major components inside your heating or air conditioning cabinet, and giving your entire system a new life. The refurbishment process takes between 1 to 2 days from start to finish, and our team will require a pre-inspection to provide an estimate and see if your equipment is qualified for this process.

Available Models Skymark & Skypak Replacement Units:

SGAD201212, SGAD401212, SGAD401812, SGAD601812, SGAD402412, SGAD602412, SGAD603012, SGAD803012, SEAD251212, SEAD051212, SEAD751212, SEAD051812, SEAD751812, SEAD101812, SEAD752412, SEAD102412, SEAD152412, SEAD753012, SEAD103012, SEAD153012, SWAD012, SWAD018, SWAD024, SWAD030, SWAD02412, SWAD01812, SWAD02412, SWAD03012

Manufacture ( Brand )

skymark, skypak

Air Conditioner Output (TON)

1 Ton, 1.5 Ton, 2 Ton, 2.5 Ton, 3 Ton, 3.5 Ton

Furnace Output (BTU)

22000 BTU, 40000 BTU, 60000 BTU

MPN ( Model )


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