Napoleon Condo Pack P-S Series

Get optimal temperature control and energy efficiency with the modular design of the Napoleon Condo Pack P-S Series 11 SEER Mid-Efficiency air conditioner. Thru-the-wall packaged unit.

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Napoleon Condo Pack P-S Series 11 SEER Mid-Efficiency

Efficient Cooling and Heating

Enjoy the perfect temperature all year round with the Napoleon Condo Pack P-S Series 11 SEER Mid-Efficiency air conditioner. With a modular design, you can easily install and maintain individual components of the unit for optimal performance. The dual slide-out chassis enables quick access to the heating or cooling components for service, so you can be sure your unit is always working efficiently. With a direct replacement for individual modules at the end of their service life, this air conditioner is both cost-effective and energy-efficient.

Customizable Design

The Napoleon Condo Pack P-S Series 11 SEER Mid-Efficiency air conditioner is available in a modular design for 1 and 1.5 ton units, making it easy to customize for your living space. With 15 color options available for architectural grilles, you can match the design of your home while also enjoying optimal temperature control. The three-piece design of the unit allows for individual component handling, making installation and maintenance a breeze.

Easy Maintenance and Servicing

The Napoleon Condo Pack P-S Series 11 SEER Mid-Efficiency air conditioner is designed for easy maintenance and servicing. All indoor access to parts and maintenance activities means you won’t have to worry about crawling into tight spaces to maintain your unit. With both sections of the dual slide-out chassis able to be fully or partially removed for servicing, maintenance is a breeze. With spare modules available, building management can do quick swap outs to maintain climate in the apartment or condo while troubleshooting non-functioning units offline. The modular quick disconnects also make module swap outs quick and easy without the need for time-consuming rewiring.

Available Models:

P-S26A-A12A-A, PSS026A012A-TP, PSS064A012A-TP, P-S26A-A18A-A, PSS026A018A-TP, PSS064A018A-TP, P-S26A-A24A-A, PSS026A024A-TP, PSS064A024A-TP, P-S26A-T12A-A, PSS026A030A-TP, PSS064A030A-TP, P-S26A-T18A-A, PSS026B012A-TP, PSS064B012A-TP, P-S26A-T24A-A, PSS026B018A-TP, PSS064B018A-TP, P-S38A-A12A-A, PSS026B024A-TP, PSS064B024A-TP, P-S38A-A18A-A, PSS026B030A-TP, PSS064B030A-TP, P-S38A-A24A-A, PSS038A012A-TP, P-S38A-T12A-A, PSS038A018A-TP, P-S38A-T18A-A, PSS038A024A-TP, P-S38A-T24A-A, PSS038A030A-TP, P-S51A-A12A-A, PSS038B012A-TP, P-S51A-A18A-A, PSS038B018A-TP, P-S51A-A24A-A, PSS038B024A-TP, P-S51A-T12A-A, PSS038B030A-TP, P-S51A-T18A-A, PSS051A012A-TP, P-S51A-T24A-A, PSS051A018A-TP, P-S64A-A12A-A, PSS051A024A-TP,, P-S64A-A18A-A, PSS051A030A-TP, P-S64A-A24A-A, PSS051B012A-TP, P-S64A-T12A-A, PSS051B018A-TP, P-S64A-T18A-A, PSS051B024A-TP, P-S64A-T24A-A, PSS051B030A-TP

Air Conditioner Efficiency (SEER)


Manufacture ( Brand )


MPN ( Model )


Air Conditioner Operating Mode

Single Stage

Air Conditioner Output (TON)

1 Ton, 1.5 Ton, 2 Ton, 2.5 Ton, 3 Ton

Furnace Operating Mode


Furnace Heating Stages

Single Stage

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