Napoleon Condo Pack P-C Series

Napoleon Condo Pack P-C Series, Thru-The-Wall Packaged Unit Condensing Gas Heat & Electric Cooling P-C Series, Stay Comfortable All Year Round with Napoleon Condo Pack P-C Series

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Napoleon Condo Pack P-C Series Thru-The-Wall Packaged Unit Condensing Gas Heat & Electric Cooling

Compact Design for Easy Installation and Retrofit

Applications Looking for an HVAC unit that can be easily installed in your apartment or condo? Look no further than the Napoleon Condo Pack P-C Series. With its industry standard footprint, this unit can be retrofit into most applications without any additional construction or hassle. The appliance shell dimensions are 43 1/8” High x 28” Wide x 32” Deep, and the wall sleeve dimensions are 44 7/8” High x 28 7/8” Wide. Plus, the standard taupe color ensures that it will blend seamlessly into your living space.

Efficient Heating and Cooling for Comfortable Indoor Temperatures

Stay comfortable all year round with the Napoleon Condo Pack P-C Series. With up to 96.8% AFUE, Condensing, Single Stage Gas Furnace and stainless steel heat exchanger, this unit offers high efficiency heating. The sealed burner tray ensures that cold external air does not circulate in the vestibule, keeping your indoor space cozy. Additionally, the minimum 12 SEER Efficiency, R-410A Refrigerant System, Micro-Channel Condenser and Evaporator Coils, and High Efficiency compressors provide efficient cooling, making sure you stay cool during those hot summer months.

Convenient Service and Maintenance

Not only does the Napoleon Condo Pack P-C Series provide efficient heating and cooling, but it also offers convenient service and maintenance features. With indoor access to all parts and maintenance needs, you won’t have to worry about scheduling regular maintenance. The innovative, dual slide-out chassis can be partially or fully removed for efficient servicing, making any necessary repairs quick and easy. With spare modules, building management can perform quick swap outs, maintaining indoor conditions in the apartment/condo, while troubleshooting non-functioning units off-line. Plus, you can perform direct replacement of the individual modules at the end of their service life instead of replacing the entire appliance, saving you time and money.

  • Condensing Gas Heat
  • Electric Cooling
  • High Efficiency Compressors
  • Retrofit Applications
  • Efficient Servicing
  • Dual Slide-out Chassis
  • Modular Quick Disconnects
  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
  • Sealed Burner Tray
  • Micro-Channel Condenser and Evaporator Coils

Available Models:

P-C15A-T12A-A , PSC015A012A-TP , PSC030A024A-TP , PSC040B012A-TP, P-C15A-T24A-A , PSC015A018A-TP , PSC030A030A-TP , PSC040B018A-TP, P-C15A-T18A-A , PSC015A024A-TP , PSC030B012A-TP , PSC040B024A-TP, P-C30A-T12A-A , PSC015A030A-TP , PSC030B018A-TP , PSC040B030A-TP, P-C30A-T18A-A , PSC015B012A-TP ,, PSC030B024A-TP , PSC050A012A-TP, P-C30A-T24A-A , PSC015B018A-TP , PSC030B030A-TP , PSC050A018A-TP, P-C40A-T12A-A , PSC015B024A-TP , PSC040A012A-TP ,, PSC050A024A-TP, P-C40A-T18A-A , PSC015B030A-TP , PSC040A018A-TP , PSC050A030A-TP, P-C40A-T24A-A , PSC030A012A-TP , PSC040A024A-TP, P-C50A-T12A-A ,, PSC030A018A-TP , PSC040A030A-TP, P-C50A-T18A-A , PSC050B024A-TP , PSC050B012A-TP, P-C50A-T24A-A , PSC050B030A-TP , PSC050B018A-TP

Manufacture ( Brand )


MPN ( Model )


Air Conditioner Efficiency (SEER)


Air Conditioner Operating Mode

Single Stage

Air Conditioner Output (TON)

1.5 Ton, 2 Ton, 2.5 Ton, 3 Ton

Furnace Operating Mode


Furnace Heating Stages

Single Stage

Furnace Heating Efficiency (AFUE)


Furnace Output (BTU)

22000 BTU, 40000 BTU, 60000 BTU

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