Lennox Merit ML296UH110XV60C Gas Furnace, 96% AFUE, 110,000 Btuh, Variable Speed, 2 Stage

Save up to 30% on Energy Bills with the Lennox Merit Gas Furnace | ML296UH110XV60C, 96% AFUE, 110,000 Btuh, Variable Speed, 2 Stage


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Lennox Merit ML296UH110XV60C Gas Furnace, 96% AFUE, 110,000 Btuh, Variable Speed, 2 Stage

Upgrade your home heating system with the Lennox Merit ML296UH110XV60C gas furnace. Its 96% AFUE and two-stage gas valve provide efficient heating, while its compact design and variable speed fan offer versatile and comfortable heating solutions. Invest in a reliable and durable heating solution and save up to 30% on energy bills.

High Efficiency Heating

The Lennox Merit ML296UH110XV60C Gas Furnace with its 96% AFUE ensures that homeowners save on their energy bills by consuming less fuel. This furnace has a two-stage gas valve that automatically adjusts the gas flow, reducing the energy consumption in mild weather while providing full heating power in colder temperatures. By investing in the Merit ML296UH110XV60C, homeowners can enjoy long-term cost savings, and a higher return on their investment.

Versatile and Compact Design

The Merit ML296UH110XV60C furnace has a compact design that makes it easier to fit in any space, which is particularly useful for homes with limited space. It can be installed in an upflow, downflow, or horizontal flow orientation. Its smaller cabinet height allows it to fit into tight spaces, and it can be easily integrated with an air conditioning system. Its versatility ensures that it can meet the needs of any homeowner, regardless of their living situation.

Comfort and Durability

The Merit ML296UH110XV60C furnace offers a high level of comfort thanks to its variable speed fan, which provides greater humidity control, consistent airflow, and eliminates hot and cold spots. The two-stage gas valve also provides a higher level of comfort by maintaining a consistent temperature, while reducing drafts and temperature swings. This product has been thoroughly tested to ensure it is reliable and durable. Its high-quality components and innovative design provide long-lasting comfort for homeowners.

Advanced Technology for Maximum Comfort

The Merit ML296UH110XV60C gas furnace features advanced technology that provides maximum comfort for homeowners. Its variable speed fan motor ensures that the airflow is consistent and quiet, and it adjusts to the specific needs of the home. This results in better humidity control, improved air quality, and a more comfortable living environment. The furnace also features a two-stage gas valve, which delivers the right amount of heat, reducing temperature swings and drafts.

Simple and Easy to Use

The Merit ML296UH110XV60C gas furnace is designed with simplicity in mind. It features an easy-to-use digital thermostat that allows homeowners to control their indoor temperature with precision. The thermostat can be programmed to automatically adjust the temperature to match the homeowner’s schedule, resulting in increased comfort and energy savings. The furnace also comes with a diagnostic control board, which helps with troubleshooting, ensuring that any issues can be easily identified and resolved.

Professional Installation and Maintenance

Investing in the Merit ML296UH110XV60C gas furnace means that homeowners can benefit from professional installation and maintenance. Lennox offers expert installation services to ensure that the furnace is installed correctly and safely. In addition, regular maintenance can help prolong the life of the furnace, and ensure that it continues to operate at peak efficiency. Lennox dealers provide regular maintenance and can help troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

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