Lennox Elite Gas Furnace EL196UH090XE48C, 96% AFUE, 88,000 Btuh, Power Saver, Single Stage

Get up to 96% AFUE with Lennox Elite Series, 96% AFUE, 88K BTUH, Power Saver, Single Stage Gas Furnace | Buy Now


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Lennox Elite Gas Furnace EL196UH090XE48C, 96% AFUE, 88,000 Btuh, Power Saver, Single Stage

Experience reliable, long-lasting heating all winter long with the Lennox Elite Series EL196UH090XE48C Gas Furnace featuring Power Saver technology. Enjoy quiet and efficient heating with an AFUE rating of up to 96%. Upgrade your home comfort today!

High Efficiency Heating for Maximum Comfort

The Lennox Elite Series EL196UH090XE48C gas furnace is engineered to deliver maximum heating comfort while minimizing energy consumption. With an AFUE rating of up to 96%, the furnace converts 96% of fuel into usable heat, thereby reducing energy wastage and lowering your utility bills. The EL196E features Lennox Power Saver™ technology, which ensures constant airflow to maximize heating efficiency. As a single-stage furnace, the EL196E is equipped to deliver steady and reliable warmth to your home.

Quiet and Smooth Operation

Say goodbye to loud startup sounds and noisy heating systems with the Lennox Elite Series EL196UH090XE48C gas furnace. The EL196E features a Lennox Power Saver™ constant torque motor, which operates more efficiently than a standard motor. The motor adjusts airspeed based on demand, which helps reduce energy consumption, noise levels and eliminates the need for frequent furnace maintenance. Additionally, the EL196E has a sealed blower compartment which ensures that the furnace operates at very low sound levels, providing you with the comfort and peace of mind you deserve.

Reliable and Long-lasting

The Lennox Elite Series EL196UH090XE48C gas furnace is built to last. The furnace features dual-fuel capabilities, meaning that it can be combined with an electric heat pump to provide even greater efficiency and savings on your energy bills. With its durable construction and advanced engineering, the EL196E is designed to provide consistent warmth, comfort, and reliability all winter long. The furnace’s compact design also makes it easy to install in a variety of spaces, so you can enjoy efficient and reliable heating no matter where you live.


Manufacture ( Brand )


MPN ( Model )


Furnace Heating Efficiency (AFUE)


Furnace Operating Mode


Furnace Heating Stages

Single Stage

Furnace Output (BTU)

90000 BTU

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