Keeprite Ion G97CMN Variable Speed Modulating Gas Furnace

Keeprite G97CMN Ion™ 98 Variable-Speed Modulating Gas Furnace. Buy Keeprite Ion G97CMN Furnace for Ultimate Comfort and Energy Efficiency


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Enjoy Ultimate Comfort in Any Weather with Keeprite Ion G97CMN Gas Furnace

Are you tired of battling the cold weather in the winter months? Look no further than the Keeprite Ion G97CMN Variable Speed Modulating Gas Furnace to ensure ultimate comfort in any weather. Our furnace is designed to deliver incredible temperature control and quiet performance, making it the perfect solution for those cold winter days. Enjoy the ultimate comfort with Keeprite Ion G97CMN Variable Speed Modulating Gas Furnace, featuring modulating gas heat performance, variable-speed blower motor, and dual fuel capability. Get the best energy-saving heating performance with our fully insulated cabinet and compatible air conditioner.

Modulating Gas Heat Performance:

With modulating gas heat performance, our furnace delivers the ultimate levels of even temperature control and comfort. It operates at lower stages most of the time, saving energy and smoothly ramping up the heat as temperatures drop, ensuring you stay warm and comfortable even on the coldest days.

Variable-Speed Blower Motor:

Our furnace features a variable-speed blower motor that provides superior summer dehumidification and a possible SEER boost. When paired with a compatible air conditioner, it works to help pull moisture out of the air, keeping you comfortable all year round.

Dual Fuel Capability:

The Keeprite Ion G97CMN Furnace is also dual fuel capable with a compatible heat pump and thermostat, allowing for energy-saving heating performance. Plus, with the fully insulated cabinet, heat moves efficiently through your ductwork, ensuring optimal performance.


  • Variable-speed blower motor and modulating gas valve provide our ultimate levels of even temperature control and comfort
  • Dual fuel capable with a compatible heat pump and thermostat for energy-saving heating performance
  • As a modulating furnace, it operates at lower stages most of the time to save energy, smoothly ramping up the heat as temperatures drop
  • Fully insulated cabinet keeps the heat moving to your ductwork
  • Air purifier and humidifier compatible
  • Wi-Fi® enabled remote access with the Ion™ System Control
  • 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty upon timely registration
  • Lifetime Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty upon timely registration


  • High efficiency variable-speed, constant airflow ECM blower motor
  • Variable-speed induced draft combustion motor
  • Modulating gas valve with range of 40%–100% capacity
  • RPJ® (Rigid Press Joint) primary heat exchanger, stainless steel secondary heat exchanger
  • Reliable direct spark gas ignition
  • High temperature limit control prevents overheating
  • Solid, pre-painted steel insulated cabinet with tight fit door latch system
  • Sound-reducing features: soft mounted blower and inducer motor
  • Compatible thermostat: Ion™ System Control for full function and efficiency capability, Wi-Fi® remote access convenience and intelligent diagnostics
  • Heating capacity: 60,000–120,000 BTUh

Available Models:

KeepRite Ion 98 G97CMN

KeepRite Ion 96 G96CTN

KeepRite Ion 95 G95CSU

Manufacture ( Brand )


Furnace Heating Efficiency (AFUE)


Furnace Output (BTU)

100000 BTU, 120000 BTU, 40000 BTU, 60000 BTU, 70000 BTU, 80000 BTU, 90000 BTU

Furnace Operating Mode


Furnace Heating Stages

Two Stage

MPN ( Model )


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