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Goodman GMVM970603BN Furnace: 97% Efficiency and Lifetime Heat Exchanger Warranty



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Experience Unmatched Comfort and Efficiency with the Goodman GMVM970603BN Furnace

Experience unmatched comfort and efficiency with the Goodman GMVM970603BN Furnace. With 97% efficiency and advanced features such as dual steel heat exchangers, a modulating gas valve, and a variable speed blower motor, this furnace provides reliable heating while reducing your utility bills. Plus, with a lifetime heat exchanger warranty and 10-year unit replacement and parts warranty, you can trust that your investment is protected.


  • High-efficiency gas furnace with a 97% efficiency rating
  • 60,000 BTU furnace with modulating firing capacity
  • Variable speed blower motor with energy-saving motor technology
  • Silicon nitride igniter for durability and reliability
  • ComfortNet communicating system compatible with two-stage or single-stage thermostats
  • Multiple continuous fan speed options for quiet air circulation
  • Auto-Comfort and enhanced dehumidification modes available
  • Dual-diameter tubular heat exchanger design made of aluminized steel for efficient heat transfer and durability
  • Secondary heat exchanger made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel for additional heat production and to prevent condensate build-up
  • Quiet operation with low sound levels and airflow and fan speed options for consistent comfort
  • Venting options for a variety of installation applications
  • Solid, airtight cabinet rated for less than 2% air leakage
  • ComfortBridge compatible for streamlined installation and maintenance
  • Extended warranty with a lifetime heat exchanger warranty and a 10-year unit replacement and parts warranty when registered online within 60 days of installation

Unmatched Comfort and Efficiency

The Goodman GMVM970603BN Furnace offers an incredible 97% efficiency rating thanks to its advanced features, including a modulating gas valve and a variable speed blower motor. The furnace adjusts its performance according to your home’s heating needs in real-time to ensure your space stays comfortable without any wastage. Enjoy lower utility bills and more control over your home’s heating with the GMVM970603BN.

Superior Heat Exchanger Design

The GMVM970603BN employs a dual-diameter tubular heat exchanger design made of aluminized steel, which provides efficient heat transfer and durability. Additionally, this furnace features a secondary heat exchanger made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, which produces additional heat and prevents condensate build-up. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your furnace is built to last.

Quiet and Easy to Maintain

The GMVM970603BN is designed to operate quietly, with an airflow system and fan speed options that reduce sound levels while providing consistent comfort. It also offers several venting options and a solid, airtight cabinet that is rated for less than 2% air leakage. Maintenance is simple with the furnace’s self-diagnosing control board that records and displays error codes, making it easy to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Smart and Compatible

Goodman’s ComfortBridge communicating controls make installation and maintenance processes even simpler by automatically detecting your equipment and providing diagnostics and troubleshooting. The GMVM970603BN is also compatible with a variety of smart thermostats or control systems, allowing you to set the temperature in your home from anywhere with an internet connection.

Extended Warranty

Goodman offers an extended warranty for the GMVM970603BN, including a lifetime heat exchanger warranty and a 10-year unit replacement and parts warranty when you register your product online within 60 days of installation. You can trust that your furnace is protected and built to last.

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60000 BTU

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