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Goodman GSX130361 Air Conditioner – Stay Cool and Save Money with 13 SEER Rating




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Stay Cool and Comfortable with Goodman Air Conditioner GSX130361 – 3 Ton – Air Conditioner – 13 SEER

If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable air conditioner that provides efficient cooling, look no further than Goodman’s GSX130361. This 3-ton unit boasts a nominal SEER rating of 13, ensuring you stay cool while also keeping energy costs low. Here are some of the key features that make this air conditioner a smart choice.

Upgrade your home’s cooling system with Goodman’s GSX130361 air conditioner. Providing efficient cooling with a 13 SEER rating, this affordable unit is designed for quick installation and maintenance. With advanced components and an extended warranty, you can stay cool and comfortable for years to come. Register your product within 60 days for a 10-year limited parts warranty.


  • 3-ton unit with a nominal SEER rating of 13
  • Advanced coil design with aluminum fins and rifled copper tubing
  • Durable galvanized steel cabinet with powder paint finish and steel coil guard
  • Filter drier removes moisture and impurities for optimal performance
  • Louvered top and three-bladed condenser fan for quiet operation
  • 10-year limited parts warranty when registered within 60 days

Advanced Coil Design

With its innovative aluminum fins and rifled copper tubing, the GSX130361’s condenser coil is designed for optimal heat transfer. The increased surface area provided by the fins and rifling enables the materials to work efficiently and provide top-notch cooling performance.

Secure Cabinet

Built to last, the cabinet of the GSX130361 is constructed from galvanized steel, with a durable powder paint finish and a steel coil guard to protect against wear and tear. This makes the unit a smart investment for homeowners who want to ensure their air conditioner lasts for years to come.

Filter Drier

The filter drier installed in the liquid line of the GSX130361 is a crucial component that removes moisture and impurities. This helps to prevent corrosion, freezing, and blockages that could negatively affect the unit’s performance. With this filter drier, you can rest assured that your air conditioner is operating at its best.

Quiet Comfort

Goodman understands that air conditioners can be noisy, which is why they designed the GSX130361 to operate quietly without sacrificing performance. The louvered top and three-bladed condenser fan help to reduce noise levels, ensuring you can enjoy cool comfort without any distracting sounds.

Extended Warranty

Goodman stands behind their products, and the GSX130361 is no exception. When you register your product online within 60 days of installation, you’ll receive a 10-year limited parts warranty. This provides added peace of mind, knowing that your investment is protected.

Manufacture ( Brand )


MPN ( Model )


Air Conditioner Efficiency (SEER)


Air Conditioner Operating Mode

Single Stage

Air Conditioner Output (TON)

3 Ton

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