Daikin OptiLine Fan Coil Unit

Daikin OptiLine™ Vertical Stacked Fan Coils,  The Perfect Solution for Limited Space, Reduces Energy Costs The Most Efficient Fan Coil System


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Daikin OptiLine Vertical Stacked Fan Coil units

OptiLine™ Vertical Stacked Fan Coils are the perfect solution when space is limited, and you need a high-performing heating and cooling system. OptiLine units come in six different sizes, from 300 to 1200 CFM, and offer the smallest fan coil footprint in the industry. With its unique vertical stacking design, OptiLine allows for maximum efficiency in multi-floor apartments, office buildings, hotels, and other similar applications. OptiLine units can do the job that would otherwise require multiple conventional units, providing building owners, contractors, and facility managers with a cost-effective and low-maintenance solution.

Complete Comfort with Fan Coil Units

OptiLine is engineered to provide complete comfort in any space. With its variable speed motorized impeller and EC motor, OptiLine runs at the lowest possible RPM, achieving a noise criterion (NC) of less than 30 for the space. OptiLine’s superior performance ensures better humidity control, improved indoor air quality, and optimal comfort for users. The highly-optioned design of OptiLine allows it to handle even the most challenging architectural requirements with ease, ensuring that no compromise is made on room comfort, design, or appearance.

Reduces Energy Costs

OptiLine is designed to consume the lowest amount of energy possible, resulting in significant energy savings for building owners and managers. OptiLine’s standard factory features reduce energy costs by 30 to 50% compared to a typical fan coil system, making it the ideal solution for those who want to save on energy costs while providing the highest level of comfort.

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1/2 – 3 Ton

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