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We are commercial & residential Electrical, Mechanical , HVAC and Refrigeration contractors in Markham Ontario.

We Are Electrical, Mechanical, HVAC and Refrigeration Contractors in Markham Ontario.

When it comes to finding the perfect electrical and mechanical expert in Markham, Ontario, the Commodore Group stands out as the preferred choice for countless homeowners and businesses alike. With our friendly and approachable demeanor, we guarantee exceptional service and expertise in all aspects of our services. Our commitment extends beyond providing reliable repairs and installations; we also offer preventative maintenance to ensure the efficient and effective operation of your electrical and HVAC systems throughout the year. As a locally owned establishment, we take immense pride in serving the Markham community and understanding the unique needs and preferences of our customers. From boiler replacements, repairs, and maintenance to water heater repairs and maintenance, furnace repair, pool heater repair or installation, hydronic infloor heating service, radiant tube heater and garage heater installation or maintenance – we’ve got you covered.

When it comes to selecting an electrical and mechanical expert, it’s crucial to partner with a company that possesses the right qualities and expertise. Here’s why the Commodore Group is the preferred choice for homeowners and businesses in Markham, Ontario.

About Markham, Ontario

Markham is a city in the Regional Municipality of York, Ontario, Canada. It is approximately 30 km northeast of Downtown Toronto. In the 2021 Census, Markham had a population of 338,503, which ranked it the largest in York Region, fourth largest in the Greater Toronto Area, and 16th largest in Canada.

Our Residential and Commercial HVAC Services in Markham

Are you looking for reliable and efficient HVAC services in Markham? Look no further! At our company, we specialize in providing top-notch residential and commercial HVAC services to meet all your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs. With our team of highly skilled technicians and commitment to customer satisfaction, we are dedicated to ensuring your indoor comfort all year round. Whether it’s installing a new HVAC system, repairing an existing one, or performing routine maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

Our Residential and Commercial Electrical Services in Markham

At Commodore group, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch residential and commercial electrical services in Markham. Our team of expert electricians is dedicated to delivering high-quality workmanship, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our valued customers. Whether you require electrical installations, repairs, or maintenance, we have the expertise to meet all your electrical needs.

Markham Commercial Refrigeration Services We Provide

When it comes to maintaining your commercial refrigeration systems in Markham, you need a reliable and professional service provider who understands the unique needs of your business. At our company, we specialize in providing top-notch commercial refrigeration services that ensure your refrigeration systems operate efficiently, keeping your products fresh and your business running smoothly. In this article, we will explore the various services we offer and why choosing our Markham commercial refrigeration services is a wise decision for your business.

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