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Industrial Electrical Contractors & Electricians

We are Industrial Electrical Contractors & Industrial Electricians

Commodore Group Electric provides Industrial Electrical services in the greater Toronto area Ontario, Electricity at any industrial facility is a complex job that requires highly skilled electricians, master electricians & industrial oriented electrical contractors to complete the work properly. At Commodore Group, our professional and experienced electricians have the knowledge to handle even the largest jobs and most complex troubleshooting for your industrial projects. We strive to provide you with exceptional  experienced licensed electrician in Toronto for all your electrical services.

Expert Toronto’s Industrial Backup Generator Services

Having a backup generator installed for your business is an excellent idea of ensuring your business can withstand a variety of power problems including power disruption due to weather or any other reason like city power disruption due to overloading or city maintenance work. We at commodore group, our industrial electrician in Toronto understands how important a generator is to your business and we will work with you to choose the best generator the suites your industrial application.

Toronto's Industrial Electrical Contractors, Industrial Electricians in Toronto GTA Ontario

Installation of Industrial Electrical Transformers

Electrical transformers usually give commercial and industrial building options to save and control energy for their facility, a high voltage is a way to reduce drawn current for downstream load. Its common that’s large industrial buildings can be a major consumer of electricity. We at Commodore Group electrical contractors can help you reduce your energy costs by installing your Electrical transformers and controlling your power distribution for the building, our licensed industrial electricians will make sure your electrical transformer is installed according to the code in a safe and professional manners.

Toronto's Industrial Electrical Contractors, Industrial Electricians in Toronto GTA Ontario

Industrial Electrical Disconnect Switch Installation

Electrical problems in any industrial locations can be a major problem where major equipment is used. An industrial disconnect switch can react immediately to emergency situations, specifically when it’s equipped with internal fuses cutting off the power supply to machines whenever an unexpected event occurs. An industrial electrician from commodore group in Toronto ON can quickly and efficiently install this important switch to get your property up to code, and provided a way of protection to your employees’ safety or even doing a regular maintenance for the individual machine.

Industrial Electrical Troubleshooting

We Provide Industrial Electrical Troubleshooting

Industrial Electrical Contractors & Electricians in GTA Ontario

Flickering lights and malfunctioning electricity are a major sign that your facility have a big problem. These Flickering could be signs for larger issues that could pose human safety risks and the potential for property damage. When you hire Commodore Group Electric, a licensed industrial electrician, master electrician in Toronto ON will be dispatched to your facility to tackle the root of this electrical problem, providing you with most efficient way to solve your electrical problem.

Complying with the Local Building Codes

Experts Industrial Electrical Contractors & Electricians

Ensuring your property is up to code and safe for your staff is very important for any property owner.  When you hire a licensed industrial electrician in Toronto ON from Commodore Group Electric, we can provide you with a fair assistance in getting your building up to code to meet the requirements of the ESA or city code. Our licensed industrial electrician will ensure that your industrial facility will comply with all local codes and provide you with the best options for any electrical repair or upgrades.

Free Estimate Industrial Electrical Maintenance in Toronto GTA Ontario.

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Free Estimate Industrial Electrical Maintenance in Toronto GTA Ontario.

We Are Certified Electricians, Master Electricians, Electrical Contractors Servicing Residential Commercial and Industrial Areas. We Will Provide You with A Free Estimate for Any Industrial Electrical Work in GTA Ontario.

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Choosing the right industrial electrician for your facility can be a hard task, large industrial facilities have many transformers, panels or even special electrical systems like UPS or large machines, your focus will be on experience and safety, specially when you have large number of employees, by contacting commodore group electric, we can assure you of our experienced electricians, we can handle any project or service call in the most efficient and safe manner possible.

FAQs: Industrial Electricians

An outlet that sparks every once in a while usually isn’t cause for an immediate call to an electrician. If you see sparks every time you use that outlet, however, have an electrician take a look as soon as possible.

Here’s what could be happening:

  • The outlet could be sparking because of a short circuit. Over time, the heat from short circuits can deteriorate the insulation around a wire, exposing the bare metal. This is a serious fire hazard.
  • The outlet could be old. If your house is relatively old and hasn’t been updated or remodelled, the outlets (and the wires attached to them) could have loosened over the years. Loose wires can spark as electricity runs through them.
  • It could be totally normal! Electricity is a powerful force, and the sparks you see when you plug in a device may simply be a few electrons getting ahead of themselves. An electrician will know for sure.

Every lamp and light fixture has a maximum wattage rating. This is determined by the size (or gauge) of wire used in the fixture. The larger the gauge of the wire (but the smaller the gauge number), the more electrical current the wire can carry.

Light bulbs, in turn, demand electricity based on their wattage. A 75-watt light bulb, for instance, requires more electricity than a 60-watt light bulb. If you use a 75-watt bulb in a light fixture with a 60-watt rating, the bulb will demand more electricity than the fixture’s wiring is designed to produce. This electrical overload produces a tremendous amount of heat, which can cause a fire.

An electrician will be able to inspect the wiring and the fixtures to determine the extent of the damage and make recommendations for how to prevent a fire.

While you might write this issue off as a minor annoyance, it’s actually a far more serious problem.

When you plug in and unplug appliances or devices frequently from the same outlets—as most of us do, especially in the kitchen and bathroom—the connections that hold the plug in place wear down. This is normal, but it must be fixed promptly. Loose connections in an outlet can cause sparks and electrical arcs, both of which are fire hazards.

This problem is a clue that the circuits in your house were not correctly designed. Household appliances, especially kitchen appliances, laundry machines, and vacuums, require a lot of power. In fact, refrigerators, ranges, and electric clothes dryers need so much power that they must have their own circuits (and breakers).

If your kitchen circuit breaker trips often, there’s a high possibility that either your range or your refrigerator is sharing a circuit with too many other appliance. An experienced electrician needs to take a look.

Losing power during a storm isn’t necessarily unusual, especially if you don’t have buried utilities. Flickering lights during a storm, however, can indicate that something is amiss with the power lines where they connect to your house.

If this connection isn’t secure, the electrical current from the power lines could arc and cause a fire. The voltage entering your house is dangerously high, so don’t try to investigate this problem on your own—only a licensed, professional electrician should take a look.

Industrial Electrician: Working in Manufacturing Plants & Factories. So we’ve established that domestic electricians work in private residences, and commercial electricians work in structures for public use. That leaves us with industrial electricians.

Industrial electricians specialize in working in industrial settings, which might include factories, warehouses or plants. They’re used to working in tight spaces and accessing areas that might be difficult to get to and work in

Construction electricians install, maintain, and repair electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures. They also ensure that work is in accordance with relevant codes and may install or service street lights, intercom systems, or electrical control systems.