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Commercial Appliance Repair & Installation Services in Toronto & GTA Ontario.

We are Experts in Commercial Appliance Installation & Repair Services in Toronto & GTA Ontario.

Comprehensive Commercial Appliance Services By Commodore Group.

When it comes to reliable and professional commercial appliance repair and installation services in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Appliance Repair Service stands out as the go-to choice. We understand the critical importance of maintaining properly functioning commercial appliances for the smooth operation of your business. Our team of highly qualified technicians is equipped with the skills and expertise to handle repairs for a wide range of commercial appliances, including ovens, ranges/stoves, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, fryers, ice makers, and more. With our 24/7 availability and commitment to delivering fast, efficient, and accurate service, you can trust us to keep your commercial appliances running optimally.

Commercial Oven Repair: Ensuring Precision Baking and Cooking

In the food service industry, commercial ovens play a crucial role in delivering perfectly cooked meals to customers. However, when an oven starts to malfunction, it can lead to undercooked or burnt food, which negatively impacts customer satisfaction and your business’s reputation. At Appliance Repair Service, we specialize in commercial oven repair, providing expert maintenance and repair services to keep your oven in excellent working condition. Our skilled technicians have a deep understanding of various oven models and can quickly identify and resolve common issues such as temperature inconsistencies, faulty heating elements, malfunctioning thermostats, and more. By entrusting us with your commercial oven repair needs, you can ensure consistent baking results, satisfied customers, and the longevity of your oven.

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Commercial Range/Stove Repair: Reliable Cooking Equipment for Your Business

Running a successful restaurant requires a reliable and efficient commercial range/stove to handle the demands of high-volume cooking. When your range/stove fails to heat up properly or experiences ignition problems, it can disrupt your operations and compromise the quality of your dishes. At Appliance Repair Service, we have experienced technicians well-versed in troubleshooting and repairing a wide range of commercial gas equipment. Whether it’s addressing burner issues, resolving temperature inconsistencies, or fixing ignition problems, our experts have the knowledge and skills to get your commercial range/stove back up and running swiftly. Don’t let a malfunctioning range/stove hinder your business’s productivity when our professionals are just a call away.

Commercial Washing Machine Repair: Reliable Laundry Solutions

For businesses in the laundry industry, a commercial washing machine is a vital asset. A malfunctioning washing machine can disrupt your operations, leading to revenue loss and a negative impact on your business’s reputation. Appliance Repair Service understands the significance of a well-functioning commercial washing machine and offers expert repair services to address common problems. Our experienced technicians are equipped to handle issues such as power failures, spinning or draining malfunctions, and other mechanical or electrical faults. By entrusting us with your commercial washing machine repair needs, you can minimize downtime, maintain a seamless laundry process, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Commercial Dryer Repair: Efficient Drying for Your Laundry Business

Commercial dryers are essential for businesses in the laundry industry, ensuring efficient and timely drying of garments and linens. However, when a dryer malfunctions, it can cause inconvenience to customers and result in costly repairs.

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To prevent such issues, routine maintenance and prompt repairs are essential. Appliance Repair Service offers skilled technicians who specialize in commercial dryer repair. Our experts can diagnose and address common problems such as operational failures, spinning malfunctions, overheating, and more. By scheduling regular maintenance with us, you can prolong the lifespan of your commercial dryer and avoid unexpected breakdowns.

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Expert Commercial Appliance Services

Free Estimate Commercial Appliance Repair & Installation Services in Toronto & GTA Ontario.

Comprehensive Commercial Appliance Repair Services in Toronto & GTA Ontario

At Commodore Group, we take pride in being Toronto’s leading commercial appliance repair service. Our dedicated team of professionals understands the critical role that well-functioning commercial appliances play in the smooth operation of your business. We go above and beyond to provide speedy and expert repair and maintenance services that cater to your schedule and needs. With our extensive experience and commitment to customer satisfaction, we have become a trusted partner for businesses across Toronto, Ontario.

Toronto Commercial Dishwasher Repair: Ensuring Sanitary and Efficient Cleaning

A commercial dishwasher is a vital component of any restaurant or food establishment, ensuring the cleanliness and sanitization of kitchen tools, utensils, and cookware. When a dishwasher stops working, it can bring your kitchen operations to a halt and compromise your ability to maintain a clean environment. At Commodore Group, we understand the importance of keeping your kitchen and restaurant sanitary, and we offer quality commercial dishwasher repair services in Toronto. Our factory-trained technicians are well-versed in diagnosing and repairing various dishwasher models. Whether it’s a mechanical issue, electrical malfunction, or any other problem affecting the performance of your dishwasher, our experts will work diligently to restore its functionality promptly, allowing you to resume your kitchen operations smoothly.

Commercial Refrigerator and Fridge Repair in Toronto: Preserving Food Freshness

When your commercial refrigerator or fridge encounters problems, it can jeopardize the freshness and quality of your stored food items. Prompt repair is crucial to prevent food spoilage, maintain health and safety standards, and minimize financial losses. At Commodore Group, we offer reliable commercial refrigerator and fridge repair services in Toronto, Ontario. Our knowledgeable and friendly technicians are equipped with the expertise to address various issues, including temperature inconsistencies, faulty thermostats, compressor problems, and more. We prioritize timely service and work with efficiency to minimize disruptions to your business. By entrusting us with your commercial refrigeration repair needs, you can ensure that your perishable goods remain properly stored and your business continues to operate smoothly.

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Our Range of Commercial Appliance Repair Services in Toronto

At Commodore Group, we offer a comprehensive range of commercial appliance repair services in Toronto, Ontario. Our team of highly skilled professionals is equipped to handle repairs and maintenance for various commercial appliances, including:

Commercial Fryer Repair

Our technicians specialize in commercial fryer repair, addressing issues with heating elements, thermostats, and other components. We prioritize efficient and cost-effective solutions to get your fryer back in operation quickly.

Commercial Ice Maker Repair

If your commercial ice maker is not functioning properly, our experts can diagnose and resolve the problem promptly. We understand the urgency of maintaining a steady supply of ice for your business, and we work diligently to ensure uninterrupted ice production.

Commercial Dryer Repair

With our expertise in commercial dryer repair, we can address mechanical and electrical issues to keep your dryers running efficiently. Timely maintenance and repairs are essential to minimize downtime and ensure the smooth operation of your laundry business.

More Commercial Appliance Repair Services

  • Air Curtains, Hinged Door
  • Booster Heaters Dishwashers
  • Broilers, Steamers
  • Choppers / Cutters
  • Conveyor Types Dishwashers
  • Disposals Dishwashers
  • Door Types Dishwashers
  • Dual Pumps, Blast Chillers
  • Exhaust Hoods Fans, Motors
  • Flight & Rack Dishwashers
  • Food Processors 
  • Glass washer Dishwashers
  • Meat Saws, Peelers Mixers
  • Blenders Plate Warmers
  • Rotisseries,Microwaves
  • Salad Boxes, Freezers
  • Sliding Door
  • Steam Tables, Ovens Stoves
  • Fryers Tenderizers
  • Slicers Toasters, Grinders
  • Under counters
  • Walk-ins,Ice Makers 
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Emergency Commercial Commercial Appliance Repair

24-Hour Emergency Commercial Appliance Repair Services in Toronto & GTA Ontario

FAQs: Commercial Appliance Repair & Installation Services

While commercial appliances are built for restaurant and food service kitchens, they can also add quality and performance in the kitchens of those looking for more high-end, heavy-duty appliance options. Shop our selection of commercial equipment to outfit for your whole kitchen and get a modern or industrial look.

In most cases, under ideal conditions, the average lifespan of any commercial kitchen equipment ranges between 10-12 years. This is true only if the machine receives timely help for commercial kitchen equipment repair.

A commercial kitchen design should include stainless steel. Stainless steel is non-porous and does not absorb moisture. Therefore, it is the ideal choice of material for its ability to contain microbial growth. Stainless steel surfaces are mandatory if your food service is going to be processing meat.

Both systems use compressors to cool the air inside them. However, commercial refrigerators are used for small spaces like offices or homes, while industrial refrigerators are often used in large buildings such as warehouses or factories

If an appliance is more than 50% through its lifespan and if the cost of one repair is more than 50% of the cost of buying new, you should replace rather than repair. To do the math, you’ll have to know the typical lifespan (see above) and get a repair estimate.

  • Note the exact symptoms caused by the problem with the appliance.
  • Check for external factors.
  • Check for internal and external physical damage such as broken parts, burnt elements or wires, oil leaks, etc.
  • Make sure the controls are on the proper setting.

So repairing your washer when it’s only a few years old typically pays off — it should have many years of service left. Conversely, replacing a 15-year-old washer makes sense, because if you repair it, odds are that it could need another repair soon.

(Many newer appliances include electronic diagnostics that can be interpreted from the owner’s manual.) The first step is to decide whether the problem is in a control device or a mechanical device. In a dryer, for example, the control devices govern the heat, and the mechanical components turn the drum.

Comprehensive Commercial Appliance Repair & Installation Services in Toronto & GTA Ontario.

At Commodore Group, we believe in delivering fast, efficient, and accurate Commercial Appliance Repair & Installation services throughout Toronto & GTA Ontario. We prioritize quality, exceptional service, and promptness to ensure your satisfaction and comfort.

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