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We are commercial & residential Electrical, Mechanical , HVAC and Refrigeration contractors in Aurora Ontario.

We Are Electrical, Mechanical, HVAC and Refrigeration Contractors in Aurora Ontario.

When it comes to electrical and mechanical services in Aurora, homeowners and businesses want a reliable and skilled expert who can deliver exceptional service and expertise. That’s where Commodore Group comes in. As the preferred option for numerous clients, we pride ourselves on our pleasant, informal approach and our commitment to providing top-notch services. From dependable repairs and installations to preventative maintenance, we ensure the efficient and effective operation of your electrical and HVAC system all year round. Being a locally owned establishment, we understand the unique needs and preferences of the Aurora community. Whether you require boiler replacement, repairs, or maintenance, water heater services, furnace repair, pool heater repair or installation, hydronic infloor heating service, radiant tube heater and garage heater installation or maintenance, Commodore Group has got you covered. Choosing the right electrical and mechanical expert is crucial for homeowners and businesses in Aurora. With Commodore Group, you can rest assured that you’re making the right choice. Here’s why:

At Commodore Group, exceptional service and expertise are our hallmarks. We go above and beyond to ensure that our clients receive top-quality service in every aspect of our offerings. Our team of skilled technicians is well-trained and experienced, capable of handling a wide range of electrical and mechanical projects. Whether you need repairs, installations, or maintenance, we have the knowledge and skills to get the job done right. When it comes to repairs and installations, reliability is key. Commodore Group is known for its commitment to delivering dependable service. We understand the importance of properly functioning electrical and mechanical systems for the comfort and safety of your home or business. That’s why we take every repair and installation seriously, ensuring that it is done with precision and attention to detail.

About Aurora, Ontario

Aurora is a town in central York Region in the Greater Toronto Area, within the Golden Horseshoe of Southern Ontario, Canada. It is located north of the City of Richmond Hill and is partially situated on the Oak Ridges Moraine.

Our Residential and Commercial HVAC Services in Aurora

Our Residential and Commercial HVAC Services is your go-to HVAC contractor in Aurora. We specialize in providing high-quality services for both residential and commercial properties. Our team of expert technicians is skilled in HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance, ensuring optimal comfort and indoor air quality for our clients. Whether you need heating services, air conditioning installation, furnace repair, HVAC maintenance, duct cleaning, or ventilation services, we have the knowledge and experience to handle it all. We understand the importance of a well-functioning HVAC system in maintaining a comfortable living and working environment. That’s why we use top-of-the-line equipment and advanced techniques to deliver reliable and efficient solutions. Our services also focus on improving indoor air quality, ensuring a healthy and safe space for our clients. At Our Residential and Commercial HVAC Services, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We provide prompt and professional service, transparent communication, and competitive pricing. Don’t let HVAC issues disrupt your comfort. Contact us today for all your residential and commercial HVAC needs in Aurora!

Our Residential and Commercial Electrical Services in Aurora

We are a trusted provider of residential and commercial electrical services in Aurora. Our expert electricians offer reliable repair, installation, and troubleshooting services. Whether you need help with electrical panel upgrades, lighting installations, or emergency electrical services, our skilled team is ready to assist you. Contact us today for all your electrical needs!

Aurora Commercial Refrigeration Services We Provide

We are a leading provider of commercial refrigeration services in Aurora. Our skilled technicians offer reliable repair, installation, and maintenance services for commercial refrigeration systems. From walk-in coolers and freezers to commercial ice machines, we have the expertise to keep your refrigeration systems running smoothly. Contact us today for all your commercial refrigeration needs!

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